Thursday, 14 July 2011

WS - Three Types of Music Video

There are Three Types of Music Videos that are used in the business and we will have to decide on one of them, or maybe more, to use during our productions later in the course. The three are: Performance based videos, Narrative based videos and Concept based videos. The three types are the theory of Goodwin.

Performance Based Videos
A Performance based video is a video that features the artist/band/group throughout most or all of the video. This is probably the cheapest 'type' of music video to make, if you can find a suitable location or place to film.
An example of a performance based video is "Best Of You" by the Foo Fighters.

Narrative Based Videos
A Narrative Based Music Video is a video that attempts to tell some sort of story through what is shown on screen. It may or may not fit in with the lyrics, but generally would follow the lyrics in some way. They can often be used if a song features in a film, with clips of the film often appearing in the Music Video as well.
An example of a Narrative Based Video is "Always" by Bon Jovi.
Concept Based Video
Concept based Music Videos are videos that are based around a single 'concept' or idea. They generally take on an unusual form of filming or editing technique that splits the apart from the other types of Music Video. It is rare for there to be a Music Video that is purely conceptual because videos with a performance or narrative base generally get a better reception from the public. An example of a Concept based video is "Monkey Drummer By Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin. 

Although the different 'types' of video are quite clearly set out, it isn't always so clear cut which 'type' a video belongs to. Many videos combine two or more of the types within the one video. A good example of this is "Black or White" By Michael Jackson. 

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