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WS - Deconstruction 10- Buck Rogers - Feeder

Artist - Feeder
Song Title - Buck Rogers
Year -  2001
Genre - Alternative Rock
Director -

"Buck Rogers" is a song by British Rock band 'Feeder'. The song was originally written by frontman and lead guitarist, Grant Nicholas, for American Band 'Radio Star', but Nicholas was persuaded by producer Gil Norton to not give the rights to the song away, as he was convinced the song could be a big hit for Feeder.

The Single was released on January 8th 2001. It was played on Radio 1, and appeared on their A-List, meaning the song would have been on high rotation. This shows the immediate reaction to the song was positive. 

The song is part of the Alternative Rock genre and is produced on the label Echo. Feeder have since formed their own lable 'Big Teeth Music'. Typical instruments for Alternative Rock music, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums, can be seen and heard in the song and video.

The Wikipedia Page for the song has a short summary of the video:

"The video starts with the band walking out from a spaceship, which is disguised as an elephant. During the first chorus after they walk out they are holding various fast food items, while looking around the velodome looking complex, wondering where they have landed. After the chorus, shots of the band standing still in mid-air positions are shown, and then the band mostly performing the song in fast motion with occasional freeze-frame shots added in.
Before the last chorus, the band make their way back inside the elephant spaceship and look surprised as the inside is bigger than it looks on the outside. Here the band perform the last verse playing on instruments already inside the elephant, while the camera pans round the band before the screen turns black as the song ends at the same time."

The majority of this video shows the band performing the song. The video was shot in Berlin, Germany in an underground car park and a sports complex. There are close-up shots showing the lip-synching of the band through the video. There is also some emphasis and close-up shots on the band playing their instruments and the instruments themselves. The close-ups of the instruments being played may make the video appeal to music lovers and fans of the instruments, and close-ups of the band will make the video appeal to their fans, and help to identify the video as theirs.

Almost the whole of this video is performance based. There are slight aspects of Narrative, such as the entering of the elephant, symbolising the Spaceship, but almost the whole video is Performance based. However, there are most definately Concept aspects to this video. 

The editing of the video is very unusual. There are a number of freeze frame shots at certain points throughout the video. There are also times when the visuals are speeded up, making the performance look more energetic and 'Crazy'. The editing style in this video makes it partly a concept based video, as well as a performance based video.

Below is the video for 'Buck Rogers'.


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