Friday, 2 September 2011

WS - Deconstruction 7 - You Know My Name - Chris Cornell

Artist - Chris Cornell
Song Title - You Know My Name
Year - 2006
Genre - Alternative Rock
Director -

I have chosen to look at this video because it is very different to the videos that I have looked at so far. "You Know My Name" By Chris Cornell is the theme song to the James Bond film, 'Casino Royale', released in 2006.

The music video is made up of shots from the film, shots of Cornell performing and also a number of shots of Cornell in settings seen in the film. They are intercut with each other throughout the video.

The song belongs to the Alternative Rock genre and the Hard Rock genre, a form of loud, aggressive rock music. The song is under the label A&M Records, an American record label owned by Universal Music Group, the largest group in the Music Industry.

Throughout the video, there are shots of Cornell performing the song, singing into a microphone and playing the guitar. The visuals, apart from those of Cornell, are clips from the film. There are also shots of Cornell in settings that are seen in the film.

The music was, as previously stated, the theme song for the James Bond film, 'Casino Royale'. The music video does, in part, act as a big advert for the film, in that t shows a large nuber of clips from the film, much like a film trailor would do. However there are also parts of the video where Cornell is performing and parts where he is in the settings used in the film.

Throughout the video, there are a number of close-ups of Cornell and a number of shots where he is looking directly into the camera. There are also close-ups of Daniel Craig, who is the star of the film. These two people are the two most recognisable characters for fans of the song (Cornell) and the film (Craig). The close-ups of the two males will also add to the Female Gaze theory, while the inclusion of Eva Green in some shots adds to the Male Gaze Theory.

Because the video includes footage from the film, there is a clear intertextual reference, with a clear and very strong link between the film industry and the music video industry here. The link also shows mutual dependance between the two industry's and is an example of how they can help each other out, for example the music video will benefit because people who watch and like the film may be interested in the music video, and also vice-versa, people who like and see the music video may be interested in the film. Both parties benefit from the link.

This video is a mix of Narrative based and Performance based. The narrative aspects of the video include sections where Cornell is walking around, and acting in the settings and scenarios from the film, and also the footage from the film itself. There are also performance based parts to the video however, when he is playing his guitar and singing.

To see the official video, see below:

As well as this video, there is the song as seen in the opening credits of the film. Embedding has been disabled on this video, so follow the link below to find the video:

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