Thursday, 8 September 2011

WS - Deconstruction 17 - Read All About It - Professor Green (feat Emili Sande)

"Read All About It" is a song by the British Rapper Professor Green.

I have previously blogged on the video for "Party All Night" by Sean Kingston and described it as a 'poor' video. This video, on the other hand, is technically very good, and through the Performance and Narrative aspects of the video, has a lot of playback appeal.

One of the reasons that the video is appealing is because there is a lot of shot variation, with a number of different camera angles and camera shots.This prevents the video becoming boring. I personally like the high angle shots, and there are a number of these throughout the video.

Unusually for a Music Video (not incredibly unusual, but a common convention would be for fast paced shots. This therefore, counters that convention), this song actually uses quite a lot of long takes. This works quite well in the Narrative parts of the video, and although it is unusual, it is also very effective.

One way in which this video achieves playbackability is through the editing. Whilst the Sean Kingston editing is relatively boring (the specialFX may be quite impressive, but they are not really beyond what we ourselves could do and wouldn't entice you into watching the video more than once), the editing on this video is much more interesting and watchable.

The framing throughout the video is impressive, and often leaves you with more things you notice in clips the more you watch it.

Transitions and jump cuts between two different narratives (a young, child Professor Green and an adult Professor Green). Similarly, there are two different parts to the performance part, with Emeli Sande's performance been kept seperate from Professor Green's performance. This keeps the video interesting and the viewer hooked, where as the Sean Kingston video may get boring to some viewers.

"Read All About It" as a video also seems to have taken more care in the video as a whole. For example there are a large number of examples of Verisimilitude, such as pictures on the wall in scenes, the clothing and the hairstyles been relevant to the times they are meant to be shot from.

It is clear to see that there are huge differences in the standard of Video between Sean Kingston's "Party All Night" and Professor Green's "Read All About It". One (Read All About It) is a very impressive video and is one that we should maybe use as inspiration. The other video (Party All Night) is a very disappointing video and is one that we could maybe view as an example of what we should try and avoid doing for our video. 

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