Wednesday, 7 September 2011

WS - Deconstruction 16 - Party All Night (Sleep All Day) - Sean Kingston

Party All Night (Sleep All Day) is a song by Sean Kingston (Real name Kisean Anderson). The song was released on December 21st, and the video for the song was released two days later on the 23rd. As part of a class task, we looked at the video and discussed a number of points about the video. 

The video is made up from two of Goodwin's three types of video, Performance and Narrative. The performance based parts are, as you would expect of Kingston singing whilst the Narrative parts of the video show clips from a party, following the lyrics to the song.
"Sean said this would be the song of the new year." [Wikipedia]
Although Kingston had a lot of faith in the song, the video is disappointing in certain areas, and from a technical aspect, could and should be much better.

There is a serious lack of variation in the shot distances and shot variation. The majority of shots in the video, particularly in the performance based parts of the video, are mid shots or medium close-ups. A possible reason for this is that Kingston is not the typical physique for a singer, and these kind of shots avoid showing his lower body so much in the video. While this is quite a morally wrong thing to do in a video, it is a likely explanation. The lack of shot variation does seriously hamper the video, and does actually make it quite disappointing and a little bit boring to watch.

The Special FX in the video look as though they may have taken quite long time to put in, and are probably responsible for a large part of the budget. However, they are not beyond what we ourselves could do. Final Cut has a wide range of Special FX and we can take advantage of these in the same way that this video uses them. 

The one problem that we may encounter that this video did not is the use of tracks. Tracks allow for smooth tracking shots, where as without them the shots are likely to be jerky and can limit you to simply still shots.

From looking at this video for a song from a world-famous singer, I have gained much more confidence about our own coursework videos. It has shown that professional work is by no means perfect and has given me the inspiration to try and better it. It has shown us that, while we may be disadvantaged in certain areas (such as equipment), we can potentially better this product with our own work.

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