Tuesday, 6 September 2011

WS - Deconstruction 14- Run To The Hills - Iron Maiden

Artist - Iron Maiden
Song Title - Run To The Hills
Year - 1982
Genre - Heavy Metal
Director -

"Run to the Hills" was Iron Maiden's sixth single and the first single from their 1982 album 'The Number of the Beast'. The lyrics clearly discuss the violence visited upon Native Americans in the Nineteenth Century. 

The song is on the label, 'EMI Group' also known as 'EMI Music. EMI, is a multinational music company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is the fourth-largest business group and family of record labels in the recording industry, making it one of the "big four" record companies. This shows that Iron Maiden, if they really wanted to and required a big budget, they could probably get it.

This song comes under the genre of 'Heavy Metal' a genre of Rock Music. Charateristics of Heavy Metal music can be found here.
The video for "Run To The Hills" has parts that are Performance based, and parts that are Narrative based. There is more time given to the Performance based parts of the video that there is to the narrative aspects, but both can be seen throughout. The narrative aspects of the video is actually quite comical footage from the 1923 film 'Uncovered Wagon' By James Parrot.
This shows intertextuality and also that there is more than one way to get or make footage for a music video. The performance aspects of the video show the band playing and "Performing" the song, including close-up shots of band members, in particular the lead singer throughout.

There are actually two different music videos for this song. The original version is the video that I have used for the deconstruction. The second video replaces the footage from the film that we see in the first video with animated visuals. The performance aspect of the original video is retained.

Below is the original video, with the footage from the 1923 film:

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