Friday, 30 September 2011

WS - Pitching an idea for a music video remake

This week in Media, we have been looking at re-making a music video in preparation for the coursework, for which we will have to pitch next week. The first part of this task was to pitch an idea for the class to use.

The idea that I chose to pitch was "Rockstar" by the band Nickelback. The reason I chose this song was because I thought it would give the group a good opportunity to try out a number of different camera angles, camera shots and different shot lengths. These are all key aspects for successful music videos and I thought this video would have provided us with the chance to do this. The music video for this song is also one that could provide a very good remake. The video is made up of people lip-synching to camera, something which we could 'copy' into our own version of the video.

The winning pitch was for the song "Hello" by Martin Solveig. In a later blog post, I will talk about the filming of this video, and both the good and bad points to come from it.

Click the link to see my deconstruction for the video, "Rockstar".

You can view the video for "Rockstar" here.

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