Tuesday, 27 September 2011

WS - Vodcast Task

In order to spread and enhance our knowledge of Music Videos, we were set up on a task to create a vodcast talking about a video of our choice that we had deconstructed in our deconstructions. My choice of video to look at was "Take Back The City" By Snow Patrol. The reasons for my choice included the video being different and unusual, as well as enjoying the video when first seeing it during the deconstructing process.

For this task I was partnered by Melodie Abraham, who was looking at the Beyonce video "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)". The task was to look at each video, compare them and then make a vodcast on the two videos discussing the differences and why they are different (eg. the genres/target audiences). We were given a few specific areas to discuss: 

  • A brief factual run down of each song: artist, track, year, chart position, album the song was from, director, genre and the target audience of the song.
  • Media Language (range/type/examples of shots used, and why/to what effect; also includes mise-en-scene)
  • Audience for the video
  • Is the video Performance, Narrative or Concept based?
  • Representation within the video.
  • Genre, and any signifiers for the genre in the video.

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