Saturday, 7 January 2012

RS - Digipak Deconstruction - Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams

Very large central image of a tree with shadow of man (Jack Johnson) holding his acoustic guitar

Man is blacked out along with the tree for a continous theme

Simple yellow background

Two large stickers highlighting the special edition features on the CD

Artist Name top right in large black font

Album name in opposing white colour smaller and below artist

Similar theme to the front with the yellow background and a tree trunk to the right of the frame in the same colour as the front

Track list but without the numbers of the track

Bar Code

Small print for copyright

Artist + record label urls

Record label logo

Simple design with lots of space in the centre

Artist image this time you can see who he is

Guitar is framed infront of him

His hand covers part of his face

He wants the audience to focus on the guitar and the music not himself

Lyrics booklet inside the left panel with leaf theme

Plastic holder for the CD

CD has the artist + album name along with record label logo + small print

Leaf theme similar to the booklet

Inside panels etc all link together with the leaf theme

Exterior links together with trees and yellow colour scheme

Inside has a white coloured layout to it

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