Saturday, 7 January 2012

RS + SP - Digipak Research - AC/DC - Iron Man 2

Front with the album artwork accompanied with the artist name and the album title

Stickers are usually found on the front of the digipak saying "includes "...." in this album!"

The outside of the digipak can use very bright and inviting colours to make it attractive on the shelve and then use darker colours inside the actual digipak.

Digipaks are seen as the LP's of this century and can be seen as a collectable like LP's as they are much more interesting than a standard jewel case.

The spine of the digipak usually has the artist name, album name

Back Cover

Back cover typically with the tracklist including time of the songs. The back cover also typically contains:

Bar Code

QR code (becoming more common)

Smallprint with copyright laws written

Website for the artist

Twitter/Facebook sites (becoming more common)

Usually the bands record label logo can be seen


Inside the digipak there is sometimes text displaying the names of the composers for each song in smaller print than the song title

There is sometimes a small handout which contains further artwork, maybe some images of the artist playing live or possibly lyrics

The actual CD can usually be found in the main part of the digipak in a plastic holder with two panels to each side

Some digipaks have two cd's within the card case. One for the actual CD and another for behind the scenes or some sort of DVD

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