Friday, 7 October 2011

WS - My Pitch Idea

Thinking up a suitable idea for my coursework pitch was a much trickier task than I had anticipated. The reason for this is that the idea had to be feasible and fit to certain criteria, whilst at the same time encouraging people to choose your idea as the pitching process was competitive.

I eventually settled on the idea of the song "Yesterday" by Wet Wet Wet. This song is actually a cover version, of the most covered song ever (over 1600 covers!!). The original version by The Beatles was my original idea, but after discussing this, it seemed more appropriate to use this cover version for a number of reasons:
  1. The length of the song is more appropriate. The Wet Wet Wet version lasts "2.47", whilst the Beatles version was just over 2 minutes which would not be long enough to incorporate both Narrative and Performance aspects as well as possible, as well as not allowing enough time to show off all the skills we have learnt from the course.
  2. The Beatles version had already been covered over 1,600 times as has previously been mentioned. This means that it will already have been re-branded a number of times and for youth audiences. The Wet Wet Wet version however, would provide us with the chance to originally rebrand the song and video.
  3. For the coursework, we would need access to a full, studio quality version of the song. This would be possible if we used Wet Wet Wet.
Of course before I could choose which version to use, I had to come up with the actual idea, for the song and the plan for the video. This was a much more challenging task than I anticipated. There were certain requirements for the video to be allowed and one of these in particular caused a lot of problems. Problems for picking the video included:
  1. The song we chose was not allowed to have a video that had been released in the last ten years. This limited us to songs with no official video, or songs that were over ten years old. This was very frustrating when thinking about using a video that was around 7/8 years old, as were many of my initial ideas.
  2. The song had to be less than four minutes in length, but also had to be long enough to allow us the oppurtunity to showcase all the required skills.
  3. The song was not allowed to have bad language/over the top sexual references.
The idea came about through a suggestion from our teacher to listen to an iPod on shuffle and see if any ideas can come about when listening to random songs. When listening to this song, the idea came to me that it would be a good song to have a Narrative based video. I also felt that it encouraged performance aspects too, so my idea would have been to combine the two. This was discussed more in my Powerpoint Presentation and in my actual pitch.

We were asked to provide visual aids for the pitch and so to do this I created a Powerpoint. Below is my Powerpoint which includes information about my idea and was a major part of my pitch.

Yesterday Media Pitch

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