Wednesday, 5 October 2011

WS - Ten useful things I have learnt so far

Below is a list of ten things that I have learnt so far...

  1. Goodwin's three types of music video (Narrative, Performance and Concept)
  2. The basics behind using Final Cut
  3. About censorship in music videos, as well as how it can actually benefit Artists who have their videos banned
  4. Typical codes and conventions in music videos
  5. How to grade an A2 piece of Coursework, both the Video and the Blog
  6. To plan what it is you intend to film, and make detailed notes/storyboards/callsheets
  7. The importance of framing each shot in a music video
  8. What a Fisheye Lens is and also what a Snorri Cam is
  9. The importance of organsing actors/costumes for filming
  10. What we need to do to reach the highest grades

Three things I want to learn in the future are:
  1. How to create a digipak to a high/professional standard
  2. How to re-brand a video/band for a youth audience
  3. How to make a professional looking video (this is the target for the end product)

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