Thursday, 6 October 2011

WS - My Consumption of Music Videos

In the 21st century there are a number of ways in which people have access to music videos and these are generally very easy to find and access.

Music videos have been around since August 1981 and the way in which people view them has changed significantly, a lot of this been down to digitilisation. 

There are a number of ways in which I personally view music videos, using some more than others.

You Tube
You Tube is the place where I most watch music videos. Founded in 2005, You Tube gives you quick access to basically every music video. It is also a place where you can see fan created content which adds to its appeal. The big advantage that You Tube has over other sources of video (DVD, TV etc) is that you can choose whatever video you want at a time, where as if it is a music channel you have a limited choice and don't have control over what song plays. As well as been able to choose which video you wish to watch, the website also gives you options related to the video you have just watched. This is beneficial to the band, as it means more of their work will get viewed, but also beneficial to the viewer as they will get to see videos that they may like, but otherwise would not have seen.

Another way in which I now view music videos is on television. There are a number of channels available through using a Sky box that show music. I tend to use other sources to view music videos, although occasionally watching on Television can be good, mainly because you can view videos that you otherwise probably wouldn't have considered watching. This is the main advantage of videos on television, though I would much prefer to view them online so that I can choose each video that I want to watch.

I have not really watched any music videos on DVD, but thought it was worth recognising them as a platform for watching them. One thing I have watched on DVD related to music however, is "Bullet in a Bible", a live album by the American band Green Day. Apart from this however, I personally don't tend to view music video on DVD.

Occasionally, if I really like a particular video, I may purchase it from iTunes. This enables you to watch the video as much as you like and when you like, providing you put it onto your iPod or have access to your computer. I would only do this with very few videos however, preferring to watch on You Tube as that is a free alternative and has a wider range of video. The only thing that would persuade me to use iTunes for a video is if the video was exceptionally good and had a lot of playback value. 

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